Range and Price

Examples of bespoke hose available below (price included)

If you wish to place an order or make an inquiry please use the Contact (link) page and I will be happy to reply as soon as possible.

Personal contact (where possible) is the best way to ensure I get the best match and fit for your kilt due to the complexity and variation of tartans, leg and foot size combinations.

Also you have the peace of mind that you are in contact with the producer of your hose should any problems arise and not a supplier who has themselves ordered them in from wherever!

Ankle length tartan topped hose

A new product, a casual ankle length tartan topped hose for day-wear to compliment your kilt.

Designed to be worn with the most popular choice for day-wear amongst kilt wearers, boots.
They are designed to fit your ankle width and foot length: £45    
Ancient MacGregor Tartan

Fully fashioned hose 3 diamond wide and split diamonds (see castellated below for example of split diamond) and lines: £150

Castellated Split Diamond Ancient MacPherson

Castellated fully fashioned hose with diamonds and lines: £180

Castellated Diced Hose

Fully fashioned diced hose: £150 

Castellated fully fashioned diced hose: £180

Modern Stewart Hose Tops

Fully fashioned hose tops with whole diamonds with lines: £79 

Fully fashioned hose tops with diced diamonds: £79

Castellated versions of above: £90

Children's two diamond wide hose

Children's hose is 2 diamond wide due to wee calf widths. The price will be dictated to buy the dimensions supplied. So tiny wee socks up to young teens will be between £45 to £95. However if young teens dimensions fall into adult proportions for example 14" or above calf width, leg length 14" foot 10" or longer then adult prices will apply due to work involved.

Please use the contact me for clarification.

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